Handling Features for Ford Mustang in 2018

The all new Mustang will challenge your conceptions of a sports car, as it goes one step beyond that to give you muscle and sport in one amazing package from an American engineering team.

Most people recognize the Mustang for its amazing design and performance, particularly in some of the premium trims like the Shelby GT 350. The latest Shelby can get over 526 horsepower, and there is an all new drive mode.

You can select between five different modes in some of the upgraded drive train packages. This includes a drag race mode that lets you handle even more performance driving options. Some of the trims have a MagneRiding damping system, which allows you to change the drive train based on the current road conditions.

In other performance upgrades, you get a stiffer suspension as well. Want to test drive the latest Mustang? Stop by Arrow Ford Inc.



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