Ford Focus: Great Technology Features to Help You Zip Around Town

We at Arrow Ford love helping our customers learn about the technology features in the compact Ford Focus. This car is popular among commuters and people who love to travel because it has technology that promotes safety and top conveniences.

The standard rear view camera is a great way to feel better about backing up out of long driveways and tight parking spaces. When the Focus is placed into reverse, you will see the camera activate so you can see the area behind you on the screen. Once you check the camera, you are free to back out slowly and confidently.

The Ford Focus comes with smart-charging USB ports! It doesn't matter if you are taking a relaxing trip or running late for work, this is a convenience that is well-loved in the Focus. Stay connected and keep your devices charged with the port! Passengers also enjoy this feature when trying to stay occupied on a long trip.



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