Take Care of Your Transmission in Between Visits

In order to take good care of your transmission, pay attention to your driving habits. When your engine is strained, for example, this can put unnecessary strain on your transmission. In between yearly transmission inspections, some basic rules to follow will help keep your transmission in good shape.

Avoid revving the engine for no reason. In addition, try to avoid stopping and starting abruptly. If you find yourself constantly slamming on your brakes because of your driving habits, it's time to take a breath and learn to lay off the gas.

Don't use your car to carry heavy loads, especially when the weather is hot. This strains your engine and transmission, and has the potential to cause your transmission to wear out early. If you notice that your car is driving differently, visit our Ford service center in Abilene and our techs will check your car out. We will get you ready to drive safely once again.

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