Water: Not a Substitute for Windshield Wiper Fluid

Water is a substance required for life, however, that does not make it a great substitute in the case you run out of windshield wiper fluid. At Arrow Ford Inc, we see all sorts of issues that are often created by substituting windshield wiper fluid with regular water, which results in a breakdown of parts because of improper use. For example, putting water into the windshield wiper fluid container in freezing temperatures can cause lasting damage.

Windshield fluid is made to withstand the freezing temperatures of winter. As a result, it will not freeze and block the washer and you can have a clean windshield when you need to use the wipers. You can avoid a system clog by using the correct fluids and making sure those fluids are filled up. At our Abilene Ford dealership, we will be more than happy to check your fluids and rotate your tires to get your vehicle safe for any season. Why not set up an appointment to bring you vehicle over while it is fresh in your mind?

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