Weak Battery? Here's How to Test It

Most car batteries have a maximum life of five to ten years. As they age, they slowly lose the ability to hold a full charge. Normally, a car battery will hold a charge above 12V DC. A bad battery will drop down below 12V.

Testing a car battery is simple if you're familiar with a voltmeter. Make sure that the ignition is turned off, and any other electric drain like the lights are also off. Then, connect the voltmeter's red lead to the battery's positive post, and the black test lead to the battery's negative post. If the voltmeter reads less than 12V, you may need a new battery.

Here at Arrow Ford Inc, our experienced technicians can answer any questions you may have about your car's battery and replace it if needed. Bring your vehicle to our location in Abilene, TX or schedule a Ford service appointment today.

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