Great Handling Comes Standard in the New 2018 Ford Fusion

The new 2018 Ford Fusion is one of the most popular midsize sedans on the market, and the exceptional handling and suspension is a big reason for that. The Fusion offers a multitude of different performance features aimed at giving it some of the most responsive handling, and comfortable ride, of any vehicle in its class.

All models of the 2018 Fusion come with All-Wheel Drive as a standard option, allowing your car to have excellent traction in nearly all weather conditions. But it is not just the AWD that keeps the Fusion safely on the road and the passengers comfortable, it also features a cutting-edge suspension system. The suspension utilizes continuously controlled dampening; which means that the vehicles speed, turning, braking, and body movement are all constantly monitored. The suspension adjusts itself in response to those changes, keeping the car extremely stable and providing a comfortable ride.

The incredible comfort and handling of the new Ford Fusion needs to be experienced to truly understand what it feels like to drive a car that rides so well. Here at Arrow Ford Inc in Abilene, we are happy to provide you with that opportunity, so stop in today.

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