Innovative Tech Features Make the Ford Expedition Family-Friendly

The Ford Expedition has all the technology you need to stay safe, entertained, and connected on the road. This popular full-size SUV is filled with great tech features, including the Wi-Fi hotspot option and the rear-seat entertainment system.

When embarking on long trips with the family, a Wi-Fi connection is invaluable. The Ford Expedition comes with SYNC Connect, which can create an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot. At any time, the hotspot can be used by up to 10 devices. If an internet connection isn't enough to keep kids entertained on the family road trip, the dual-headrest rear-seat entertainment system will certainly catch their attention. Video screens are attached to the back of the front seats, and passengers can access home cable programming, streaming services, games, and more.

For a full-size SUV loaded with tech features, drivers can't go wrong with the Ford Expedition. Swing by Arrow Ford Inc to take one of these high-tech SUVs for a test drive!



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