Most high-performance work trucks often need to tow heavy loads or haul tons of gear over hostile roads for miles on end. As such, tough work-ready trucks need to have the strongest frames possible and the new Ford Super Duty fits this bill exactly. The new Ford Super Duty includes both aluminum and steel in its framework, and these materials work together to give this truck work busting durability.

The new Super Duty packs a specialized frame that is reinforced with 10 steel cross members. This high-strength steel forms a specially boxed frame that resists torque and twist forces while underway. This, in turn, translates into better handling, higher fuel efficiency, and more years of service.

The outside of the Ford Super Duty is something to behold as well. It is formed from high-strength aluminum external panels, and these offer lightweight, high-strength, and anti-corrosive features. Combined with the internal steel skeleton, the outer aluminum skin helps to form a unified whole that adds to longevity and increases occupant safety.



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