Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Survives Tough Driving Conditions

Arrow Ford Inc promotes the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon as a van that's designed for comfortable and reliable travel in metropolitan areas nationwide. Available in two editions, this commercial vehicle may be tailored according to unique logistical and transportation needs.

Rated at 400 watts, a heater is available for the vehicle's powerful engine block. You can also install a high-capacity alternator to boost performance in cold weather. When paired with the Power Stroke diesel engine, the optional alternator generates up to 210 amps of electrical current. When linked to the EcoBoost turbo engine, the alternator produces a maximum of 250 amps. This high rating is also applicable to the naturally aspirated Ti-VCT engine that runs on gas. A programmable battery guard is highly recommended for frequent drives in extreme weather conditions. This simple hardware prevents corrosion and other chemical reactions that gradually damage the entire battery pack under the hood.



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