Maybe you want a new vehicle every few years or you're anticipating a life change or two. Whatever the reason, leasing provides the flexibility to choose the mileage, term, lease- end option, and payment that fits you best.

Let one of our automotive lease experts visit with you about the benefits of leasing versus buying. Depending on your driving habits, leasing may save you money in the long run!

Get More With Your Financing
At Ford Credit, we are dedicated to creating the best experience possible. Let your Ford Dealer help you find the Red Carpet Lease option that best supports your individual needs. 

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Attractive Payments
Lease payments are usually lower than similar-term finance payments because you're only paying for the portion of the vehicle's value used during the lease term and any associated lease charges. 

Convenient Terms 
We offer a variety of standard lease terms to match your lease to your vehicle needs: 
  • How long you plan to drive your new Ford
  • Timing of future vehicle needs, such as capacity or towing
  • Desired monthly payment
  • Protection by manufacturer's warranty* during the full lease term
* See limited warranty at Arrow Ford 

Customizable Mileage
Lease Choose from standard options ranging from 10,500 to 19,500 miles per year. Additional mileage can even be purchased at lease inception above the 19,500- mile option.

Advanced Payment Plan
Advanced Payment Plans lets you satisfy all monthly lease payments up front with a single payment that is usually less than what the total of monthly payments would otherwise have been, potentially saving you both time and money. 

Gap Protection
Leasing protects you by waving the gap between your insurance payoff and your outstanding lease balance if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair. With gap protection, you're responsible for only the insurance deductible and any outstanding charges (e.g., past-due payments.)

Lease-end Flexibility
At the end of your lease, you have your choice of three different options:
  • Buy or lease a new Ford
  • Purchase your leased vehicle at a predetermined price
  • Return your lease vehicle*
*After satisfying any lease-end obligation, such as mileage and wear and use charges. 

WearCare: Enhance Your Experience
WearCare is an optional purchased program that offers up to $5,000 in excess wear and use protection for your lease.* It helps minimize worries about future expenses and protects you against the unexpected. Ask us for details on how WearCare can help protect you. 

*Damage covered by other products (such as insurance or warranties,) missing parts (above $200,) improper repairs and damages caused by criminal activities, racing, war, mechanical/electrical break downs and certain commercial uses are not waved. Summary only. Other exclusions apply. Always read contract for full details and terms.